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Total lunar eclipse on Saturday

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A total lunar eclipse will be visible in India on Saturday (Dec. 10), the second during this year. It will be visible across the country from 8.01 pm to 8.04 pm. The winter season will offer the best possible opportunity for star gazers to experience the event.

The next total lunar eclipse in India could be visible only in 2017. The last eclipse occurred on June 10, 2011

Lunar eclipses take place when the Earth totally or partially prevents Sun’s light from arriving to the moon. During the eclipse, the Moon may just enter the penumbral zone, where the Sun is only partially visible. This classifies lunar eclipses in three categories – total (when the Moon totally enters the umbral cone), partial (if only part of the Moon enters the umbra) and penumbral (if it enters the penumbra but not the umbra). (Picture courtesy: NASA)


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