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India successfully tests interceptor missile

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India successfully tested its interceptor missile from its missile test range on the east-coast, joining the exclusive club of nations with ballistic missile defence capabilities.  The Defence Research Development Organisation, DRDO announced on Friday (February 10) the successful launch of AAD-05 Interceptor Missile from Wheeler Islands which hit and destroyed a ballistic missile at a height of 15 kms off the coast of Orissa.

DRDO claimed, it was one of the finest missions, where the interceptor hit the incoming ballistic missile directly and destroyed it at an altitude of 15 kilometres. The operation, including the launch of the attacker missile from the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur and the interceptor taking off from the Wheeler Island was carried out in the final deliverable user configuration mode. The two launches took place independently, controlled by radars at different places in the country and the Mission Control Centre and the Launch Control Centre.

The test was part of India’s plans to deploy a two-tiered ballistic missile defence system to provide an orbital defense layer against hostile ballistic missiles both in the endo-atmosphere (below an altitude of 50 kms) and exo-atmosphere (outside the atmosphere).

This was the seventh interceptor mission, with success in all the earlier six tests. With this India now graduated from experimental mode to deployment mode of its interceptors with a range of 2,000 kms.


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