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A drug to get over booze-effects!


Good news for liquor guzzlers – research scientists of University of California, Los Angeles found a compound isolated from an ancient remedy could save you from alcohol addiction.

Researchers found the herbal compound has anti-alcohol effects like hang-over symptoms. Rodents were tested for the efficacy of the compound and found, it can drink large quantities of alcohol without passing out, show fewer signs of hangover and even fail to become addicted to alcohol after weeks of drinking. The extract was isolated from the seeds of Asian tree Hovenia dulcis, considered to be a hangover remedy in the seventh century.

In the latest research, one ingredient of Hovenia called dihydromyricetin or DHM was tested on rats, which respond to alcohol in similar ways to humans. After rats were given the human equivalent of 15 to 20 beers in under two hours, the animals passed out in a drunken stupor and lost the reflex to flip over when placed on their backs. The rodents took about an hour after this binge to get back.

But when the rats received a shot of DHM along with alcohol, they tolerated the booze better. Though it lost the ability to flip them over, the stupor took longer to take hold and lasted only for about 15 minutes. The extract also have other benefits like helping ease hangover symptoms two days after an alcohol binge by curbing anxiety and susceptibility seizures.

The oriental raisin tree Hovenia dulcis naturally occurs from the Himalayas to Japan and its fruit is edible. In Korea, a formulation extracted from the fruit is an approved medicine for liver ailments, especially from alcohol addictions.  The nearest Indian variety is Jujube. (Courtesy – Science News)


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